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Hey everypony!

I’ve been commissioned to illustrate a fanfic called “The Crimson Rage” written by Time Shield. It’s a spooky story about a contagious illness that causes uncontrollable rage in its victims, it’s well worth a read if you have some spare time so check it out on FimFiction here:

Explosion! News updatey thingy

Well Aminentus’ computer seems to have committed sepukku so colouring panels just got that much more difficult whilst we wait for a new computer to manifest itself.

If there’s any artists out there that would like to help make Southern Belle AJ with us by colouring panels (even something as simple as providing flat colours) then drop me a line via an ask or submission.

I am currently waist deep in commissions since people got it into their heads my art is good, and one commission is for illustrations for a fanfic named “the crimson rage”. Also art-related I’m looking into the possibility of selling quality print-outs of my art and commissioned pieces for people who enjoy physical copies.

You may also have heard that, the site I used for livestreaming, was shut down so future streams will probably be on twitch. You may also like to know that my brother made it back home safely thanks to all of you who contribute to the fundraiser. He’s doing well and back at work, following his dream of opening a cycle shop in the near future :D So thats news, stay awesome everyone! Dil
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