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I’ve taken up coloring for a MLP comic on tumblr. Anyone else who reads it should recognize this scene, which is one of my favorites so far… no matter how freaking depressing.

The comic:

; w ;

Aminentus is being awesome again, go check her out and maybe commission her, she needs money to buy a ring for someone~~~

Yet another case of fanart(?) from someone on the team.

xuniak asked:

Hey, congrats on getting everything needed to get your brother home. Hope there will be no additional surprises along the way. I couldn't donate anything right now, sorry for that, but know that I support you :) I was at your stream briefly and enjoyed it, both your friend and you draw marvelously good and fast :) You not only raised all the money but also had fun doing it. Cheers.

Much appreciated, thanks for watching!

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