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xuniak asked:

Hey, congrats on getting everything needed to get your brother home. Hope there will be no additional surprises along the way. I couldn't donate anything right now, sorry for that, but know that I support you :) I was at your stream briefly and enjoyed it, both your friend and you draw marvelously good and fast :) You not only raised all the money but also had fun doing it. Cheers.

Much appreciated, thanks for watching!


We shall return to our regularly scheduled programme shortly, obviously things were derailed somewhat with this fundraiser, and I still have some pictures to finish for people who donated during the stream, but Wild Storm shall continue in the next few days.

As always, to help you get up to speed with the story you can read previous panels in the story archive.

And here we have confirmation of the money going to my brother in Australia, with a small fee for sending the mony he still got $1091 AUS so enough for his plane ticket.

He needs to finish his treatment then have a test to see if the chemotherapy damaged his lungs, but if all is okay he should be back with us mid-August.

Once again, thank you to everyone, to all of my followers, to Casy, to everybody who helped spread the word, to the forums that helped publicize the stream, to my friends who joined in with the skype call and did admin work, to for hosting the stream and to everyone who donated! My family and myself are so grateful to you all!

Here are the paypal transactions for the donations, complete with the total amount raised.

I accidentally payed for the xsplit (streaming software) license from the paypal balance instead of from my credit card so I shall reimburse the fund for the $14.95 naturally. I also have a small cash donation of £10 to add to the total.

There were a few small paypal fees for some of the larger transactions totalling about $40, thankfully the withdrawal is free. I shall post a screenshot when I transfer the money to my mother’s account and will post screens or confirmation emails for the plane ticket.

The final amount earned was $1052.30 USD (including the reimbursement) and £10 GBP. This will certainly pay for a plane ticket home, so once again THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Thank you to everyone who donated, thank you to everyone who watched or joined in with the skype call and a MEGA thank you to casynuf for joining me in drawing such beautiful art and playing games too :D

Also, if there is anyone whose commissions were swept under the rug during this whirlwind please drop me a line and I’ll make sure to get some art done for you.

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